Prepare your Quilt

  Please square the top and back

   Do not baste or pin, bring in                     separate pieces 

Make the back and batting 4"                     bigger than the top

No buttons, charms or pins on top

          Loose threads trimmed

No bed sheets for the back as                  they are not cotton

  I carry batting and wide backing

        Machine Quilting/ Prices will very accordingly

             Prices are based on 1.5 cents per square inch.

   This is Custom or Stipple. If heavy quilting it will be

                           2.0 cents per square inch


                  60"x 80"quilt= 4800 square inches

                           4800 x 0.015= 72 ($72.00)

     Backing and Backing would need to be 69"x 88"

   Binding-  baby  lap  large lap   double    queen    king

                   $22.00   $24.00        $28.00                 $32.00              $43.00           $55.00

                                                         Battings available

           80/20(most popular)  No Mountain Mist acceptable

     Baste      Crib- twin $25.00 Double- queen $35.00 King $45.00


                                  Embroidery Done here.

           Labels, shirts, business items and much more!



   We have many dies for the accuquilt. 

      If you purchase your fabric here we will        cut your pieces for you for free if we

        have the die.

        If you bring in your own fabric there

         is a charge of $10.00 per swipe